About Us

About the Company

American Student Transportation has been around for three generations and is currently family-owned. We care deeply about its drivers and its passengers, and we make it our mission to spread an air of community and belonging throughout whomever we serve.

On a more tangible level, we want to provide you with reliable, timely, and above all, personable, bus service. We make both our drivers and passengers feel like family, an experience that’s more personable than the kind a large bus corporation can give.

Our office team has been with our company forever, and our dispatch team is quick, reliable, and kindly. Our drivers are supported and happy in their work; they understand the impact that great bus service has on a student’s day or a client’s trip. Driving a bus is a great opportunity to serve the community at large—but it’s not an opportunity that comes easily, which is why it’s our mission to support our staff every step of the way in their training and during their time on the job.

Our warm, connective company culture rubs off in how we treat our clients. We’re not like a large corporate juggernaut, as our job goes far beyond just getting you where you need to be. We want our riders to feel at home and relaxed during their bus rides, as well as delighted with the service they receive.

If you have any further questions about our mission, or would like to schedule an appointment with us, please call us today at 651-621-8900. We would be delighted to serve you!