When it comes to employment, some might say there are two types of benefits: financial ones and fulfillment ones. Financial benefits are conventional work benefits like sign-on bonuses and paid time off. Fulfillment-related benefits are slightly different. While a stable income and the ability to provide for your family are essential to living a fulfilling life, fulfillment-related benefits bring inner peace and satisfaction to workers. People feel more satisfied with their jobs when they feel like they serve a higher purpose than what their job entails on the surface.

If you’ve been in the job market for any length of time, you might have realized it can be challenging to find a job that provides both financial and fulfillment benefits. You may even feel it’s necessary to give up one to have the other. For example, to find financial stability with a high-paying job, you might think you need to do something you despise, or at the very least, that isn’t your heart’s calling. On the other hand, maybe you believe you’ll need to tolerate poor pay to get a job you love that makes a difference in the lives of others.

What if we told you there’s a job that can bring you both types of benefits?

A school bus driver job is a wonderful way to make an impact on your community while earning a comfortable living. As a school bus driver for American Student Transportation Services, you can start a career that will leave you feeling fulfilled while also offering you more than enough to get by financially. Our company offers up to a $1,750 sign-on bonus, paid training, flexible hours, and other great benefits.

Becoming a bus driver may not be your first choice when it comes to career options, but when you take a closer look at what the role entails, you’ll see it offers more than meets the eye. Bus drivers have the opportunity to impact the lives of the children they transport to and from school every day. Many of our drivers say it’s their favorite part of their job. After all, what’s better than brightening a kid’s day? Few people outside of this field realize how fulfilling a school bus driver job can be on an emotional level.

At American Student Transportation Services, we understand the value of a great school bus driver. For those who meet our qualifications, we offer a standout combination of financial and fulfillment-related benefits that few, if any, other jobs can beat.

Benefits of Working at American Student Transportation Services

As a leader in group transportation services and student transportation services, we’ve made it our mission to provide warm, welcoming bus services to our customers at affordable prices. Why should this caring line of thinking stop with the people we serve? We believe everyone deserves a job that offers benefits – both the fulfillment and financial sort.

When you sign on with American Student Transportation Services, you’ll be stepping into a position that offers:

●        The chance to make a difference in children’s lives. Every time you open those school bus doors, you have the opportunity to interact with a child on a one-on-one basis. Over the school year, these brief encounters add up. You will have the ability to change students’ lives for the better with just a cheerful hello. What could be more fulfilling than that?

●        Great financial benefits. With a sign-on bonus and paid training, a position with a caring school bus contractor can bring you more than enough money to make a living for yourself. While it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, a certain amount of it is necessary to maintain a given standard of living. When you look at all the benefits of a job with American Student Transportation Services, you’ll see our company works hard to ensure our workers get as many financial benefits out of their jobs as possible.

●        A warm social group. Part of feeling fulfilled at your job comes from being accepted and welcomed by your coworkers. At American Student Transportation Services, we’re happy to welcome you into our close group of drivers. We host frequent employee events to help you get off on the right foot. Consider an expanded social network just another one of the benefits of working with us!

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