As the temperatures warm up and days get longer, many Minnesotans are starting to think about planning celebrations. Amazing weddings, unforgettable birthday bashes, and graduation parties often start as mere wisps of ideas borne from that unmistakable forward-thinking spirit spring tends to bring with it.

If you’re in this boat, it’s time to get excited! Event planning is always a jam-packed, fulfilling time, with phone calls to make, itineraries to schedule, and guests to invite. Make sure to enjoy the process as much as you will the finished product because both are part of the satisfaction that comes with hosting a great event.

However, stress also comes with event planning, namely on the transportation side of things. Will everyone arrive on time? Will anyone feel excluded if they do not? Will the stress of navigating to an unfamiliar location put a damper on what’s supposed to be an enjoyable, stress-relieving time for your guests?

Now that you think about it, you might have even realized you’ve failed to address event transportation altogether. No need to panic: American Student Transportation is here to help with our one-of-a-kind party buses. Our customer-focused service, combined with the unique benefits a party bus provides, can turn your event into an unforgettable experience your guests will be talking about for years to come.

You might think that’s a tall order coming from a provider of student transportation services, but not with American Student Transportation. Let’s dive into what exactly a party bus can do for your event and how our top-notch service can amplify the vibe of any gathering. We’re excited to tell you exactly why we’re the best provider of group transportation services around.

American Student Transportation Party Buses

At American Student Transportation, we understand the need for fun, festive, and overall welcoming group transportation services for events of all kinds. We strive to provide this sort of service when it comes to our party buses.

Similar to the way we handle our school bus services, we make sure our experienced drivers put their customers first. Our state-of-the-art navigation systems help ensure our passengers get to their destinations on time, every time, so your itinerary is always on track. Our prompt and cheerful service will keep you and your guests in high spirits and ready to celebrate.

Party buses also have certain inherent benefits for your event that solo travel does not provide, including:

●        An automatic designated driver. Driving drunk is not only dangerous, it’s also illegal. There’s no better way to ruin a night of fun than with somebody crashing or landing in trouble with the law. Play it safe and enlist us to do the driving for you. As the event’s host, you’ll feel much more relaxed knowing your guests are taken care of and the night (or day!) will end peacefully.

●        Time for social bonding. Most events are meant to be social affairs. Why not make the most of this? Every shred of time your guests spend at your event is an opportunity to bond, and with a party bus, they can even do that while traveling from place to place. Keep the party going and the good times coming with a sleek black party bus from American Student Transportation. When important event attendees stay together, there’s no break in the fun.

●        An organized group. When it comes to certain events, such as weddings, it’s crucial for a certain group of people to stay together, so as to more quickly and efficiently initiate the proceedings. Imagine how hard it’d be to track down a wedding party in a crowd of dresses and tuxedos once you arrive at the event! Keeping important groups together with a party bus or with other forms of group transportation services is a great way to ensure that, from a logistical standpoint, everything runs smoothly.

Need Group Transportation Services? Call American Student Transportation

We’re a Blaine-based group transportation services company, and we’d be glad to lend your event our specialized expertise. To reserve a party bus, give us a call now at 651-621-8900. We look forward to serving you!