So you’re learning how to become a bus driver. Congratulations! Welcome to a well-paying and emotionally fulfilling career path, unlike any other. By securing a job in student transportation services, you’ll gain the power to make a difference in the day-to-day lives of the children in your community. You’ll be able to build positive relationships with each and every child in your care and do your part in setting them up for success, both in school and in life. You’ll also gain an in-demand skill—that of driving a school bus—by getting your class B CDL with a school bus endorsement. Such a skill is forever useful in finding employment. There will always be a need for student transportation services, and by proxy, always a need for drivers. In short, when you make a choice to pursue a career in group transportation services, you not only get to spread joy and ensure the success of students in your community, but you also gain a valued skill that can ensure job security for the rest of your life. Could you ask for a better career?

As amazing as this field is, though, it is a bit complicated to join the ranks. For one, you must secure your licensure. While important, as this process ensures the safety of drivers and students alike, it means that numerous tests stand between you and full employment. Training is not required, per se, to pass these tests, but it is highly recommended, as it gives you the knowledge you need to pass the necessary road and written exams and get your class B CDL. Economic hardship might also come into play as you strive to get your license, as the discipline that is required to complete the studying on your own might eat into your workday or impact your on-the-job performance if you’re currently employed. Moreover, if you’ve recently been laid off or fired, monetary issues can get in the way of your learning. How are you to concentrate on absorbing new information when you’ve got bills to pay and a family to support?

American Student Transportation, as a school bus contractor and provider of school bus driver training, is determined to help potential drivers navigate the challenges of entering the industry. Through our training program and supportive company culture, we make it possible for individuals who encounter the aforementioned barriers to overcome them and reach their career aspirations. Below, we’ll discuss exactly what we do to help this necessary and gratifying career field to grow, and what we do to give disadvantaged prospective drivers the assistance they need.

American Student Transportation is Committed to Industry and Individual Growth

At American Student Transportation, we care deeply about the welfare of the student transportation services industry as a whole. We’ve already talked about how these services are crucial to student success, and they also provide jobs for hardworking and skilled people. However, we also understand that the health of the group transportation services industry is impossible to maintain if a company doesn’t focus on its individual workers. Indeed, if a provider of student transportation services doesn’t work to eliminate the barriers potential employees face when it comes to seeking work, how can it be said that that provider is contributing to the industry’s welfare? If anything, that company is a detriment!

At American Student Transportation, we work hard to make sure anyone interested in becoming a bus driver is well-supported throughout the entire process, from the start of their training to their continued time with us.

●        We eliminate the financial hurdles of joining the field | Our training is paid. If you’re currently unemployed due to Covid-19 or otherwise, you won’t need to worry about going without food or utilities or your lack of money impacting your credit score. We’ll pay you to learn. It’s just one way we lend our support to potential new talent—we set that talent up for success.

●        We uncomplicate the process | Many bus drivers will attest to the fact that navigating the class B CDL process on one’s own is a multifaceted and complicated thing. It’s a process that can turn many talented potential drivers away from the industry, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of the expert staff at American Student Transportation, getting your class B CDL becomes straightforward and simple.

●        We treat our workers like they deserve | After the extensive training and testing you’ve been through, you deserve to be treated like the skilled worker you are. We provide industry-competitive pay, paid time off, and a work culture focused on cooperation and community well-being. After all, becoming a bus driver doesn’t end with your license. Even the most skilled industry professionals are constantly learning new things. Our company believes you should be supported no matter where you are in your career.

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