Your school district deserves only the best—the best staff, the best lunch food, the best textbooks. As an administrator, you, of course, know this. The success of the children who the community has chosen to put in your care depends on it. Of course, your finances must be allocated responsibly and reasonably, but you won’t let that stop you from creating an inclusive and innovative learning environment that promotes hard work and school pride. The making of such an environment is a multifaceted task. Just like in the mathematics your students learn, no detail of the equation can be overlooked, no matter how small. In one case, doing so might just result in an incorrect answer, but in another, it can lead to much more drastic consequences. To name a few: the lowering of student morale, broader negative community perception of your district, and, potentially, the denial of funding in the future, should your school need to ask for it through fundraising or the like.

A detail-oriented approach as an administrator is essential. You must assess every single facet of your district’s operations and make sure it’s up to par, and your school bus contractor is no exception. School bus services play an important role in your students’ academic success and the opinions of your school and the district as a whole. Though many people underestimate the importance of student transportation services, they bookend a child’s day and dictate how they should begin or end it. Making sure that your students begin and end their time at school in a positive way monumentally affects their experience there, from how much they enjoy that experience to how effectively they can concentrate. After all, think about how a tough commute affects you!

Nobody would wish that on somebody else, let alone a child. Therefore, it’s your responsibility as an administrator to invest in exceptional school bus services that set your students up for the best learning experience possible. But what does “exceptional” look like when it comes to student transportation services? For the administrator who has never worked with a school bus contractor or who has never held employment from such an entity themselves, it can be difficult to assess the quality of a school bus contractor without context.

At American Student Transportation, we are here to provide that context. As a provider of group transportation services, we strive to embody excellence in everything we do. Below, we’ll talk about what makes an exceptional transportation company.

Your School Bus Contractor Should Make a Positive Impact on School Culture

Getting your students from point A to point B on time and safely is the bare minimum a company needs to even qualify as a school bus contractor in the first place. It’s a given. Of course, your contractor can’t always plan for the unexpected, but they should work hard to do so and perform their duties with the utmost consistency (with outstanding circumstances taken into account, of course).

Indeed, your school bus contractor should do more than that. Exceptional providers of school bus services will render themselves a positive and valued part of your district’s culture.

●        Genuine service with a smile separates mediocre service from the great | Exceptional school bus services will spread positivity on every bus, and they won’t need to force it. They’ll support their workers so that the happiness comes organically; kids can smell falsity a mile away, after all! This genuine joy and fulfillment gives students the environment they need to start and end their days in an uplifted mood, one that facilitates learning and fosters good vibes about your district as a whole.

●        Exceptional companies place a strong emphasis on a great workplace culture | Though such a workplace culture might not directly affect you and your students, it directly affects the way you and your students are treated by that company. A positive workplace culture, one that is supportive on both an emotional and financial level, encourages worker devotion and loyalty, which results in better service for you.

●        A great company takes fulfillment in the task at hand | Whether it’s consistent transportation or just school field trip bus rental, a great company understands the importance of the role it plays in the experience that precedes or follows its service. Wonderful student transportation services are those who take their purposes seriously and understand that they set the stage for a great (or not so great) school day or trip.

Contact American Student Transportation for Exceptional Bus Service Now

With fewer in-person commitments on your plate, now’s the time to start making the big changes your district needs. If your school bus contractor isn’t fulfilling all the qualifications for exceptional services we described above, it’s time to make the switch. For top-notch school bus services, give our Blaine terminal a call now at 651-621-8900.