Companies everywhere purport their “supportive workplace culture” and “accepting environment,” but how many can really say that for themselves? While fostering a positive vibe in the workplace and catering to employee needs both are becoming trendy, some companies simply don’t take action to do so while continuing to lure new hires in with promises of belonging and community. They reap the benefits of the trend without doing the work to create happy employees.

At American Student Transportation Services, we’re proud to say that we’re different. Caring for employees is a tradition, not a trend, for us. Since our business opened its doors three generations ago, we’ve been striving to not only provide the best in group transportation services but in employee care, as well. We know that workers in all industries, but especially those in service fields like ours, can only provide the best service for their clients if they are well-supported from multiple standpoints—financially, socially, and emotionally. The great service provided by great school bus contractors cannot be forced. It comes from workers feeling valued and driven to perform at their best. That feeling of value comes from the three pillars of support we’ve discussed. Day in and day out, ever since our company’s inception, we’ve worked hard to create a great working environment from the ground up.

Check out our worker testimonials and read on to discover what we’ve done to ensure that working here is a positive, rewarding experience.

Our Economic Support is Unparalleled

Employees must be more-than-adequately compensated for their time if they are to feel valued and give it their all on the job. If you were working hard for dirt-cheap, what would that do to your motivation to do a good job? How would that contribute to positive company culture? Both of those are rhetorical questions, of course. In addition, low pay also can lead to other life stressors, such as failure to put food on the table or struggling to keep up with bills. It’s unfair to ask an employee to devote themselves to a company and to the spirit of servitude if they’re simply struggling to stay afloat.

For the ethical and practical reasons stated above, we at American Student Transportation Services offer:

●        Industry-competitive compensation, so our workers never have to cringe upon opening their paychecks.

●        Paid time off, so our workers can take the needed time to themselves without feeling guilty about it.

●        A sign-on bonus and paid training, so our workers can provide for themselves and their families while changing jobs.

While doing a job strictly for the money is bound to lead to burnout, what you get paid goes a long way toward creating a positive work environment. Without actionable steps taken to ensure good pay, companies will end up with a bunch of sullen, stressed, and slacking employees. Talking about great work culture is all fine and good, but a company needs to have monetary policies like we do to back it up.

Social and Emotional Support: The Backbone of Our School Bus Services

When most companies talk about great work culture, this is what they mean. They envision a tight-knit and happy group of employees who support one another and all generally get along—a group that’s as comfortable coordinating bus routes together as they are getting together after work. Indeed, the sense of belonging that comes from this dynamic is an important part of great work culture, but again, actionable steps must be taken to foster it. American Student Transportation Services is proud to say we’ve taken these steps.

●        Our drivers meet up periodically for events so they can get to know one other over a nice meal, without the pressures of being on the clock.

●        Our dispatch team is one of the best, which means our drivers feel safe and supported on the job. If they ever get themselves in a bind, help is simply a radio call away.

●        We allow a bit of friendly bantering on the job,  which allows our workers to laugh and feel welcomed while on the clock. Of course, the work still gets done—it just gets done to an even higher quality with the gusto of good-spirited employees.

When social support is taken care of via actionable steps such as those we’ve taken, emotional support naturally follows. Social support creates, on its own, positive vibes and deep feelings of attachment and belonging, both of which are essential to not only a great company culture, but to personal fulfillment and happiness.

Work for a Company Devoted to Your Working Well-Being: American Student Transportation Services

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