If you’re in the market for a provider of school bus services, a great company culture probably isn’t high on the list of characteristics you’d seek in such services. After all, you’re a school  administrator who will be using said services, not working for the provider of student transportation services themselves. While you’re all for advocating for the adequate treatment of workers, how your provider of group transportation services treats their employees is not something that directly affects you and the quality of service you receive. Or is it?

American Student Transportation, as a Blaine school bus contractor, is here to tell you otherwise. We’ve worked hard to set the industry standard for how bus drivers should be treated; maintaining happy workers is important to us. As an employer of a whole host of drivers, we’ve long since realized that we have the power to change our employees’ working lives for the better, providing them with all the benefits and support they need to make a living and more bus driving.

Paid Time Off

Nobody should have to go to work when they’re sick. Not only is it a miserable experience which will probably make you hate your employer, you won’t perform at your best, and you’ll risk spreading whatever you have to those around you.

Because we offer PTO, and plenty of it, our drivers can put themselves and those around them first when they’re ill and take the time they need to recover and get back to performing their best.

Sign-On Bonus

Let’s face it: Switching careers is hard. Switching into the field of bus driving can be even harder, as drivers must learn how to become a bus driver and pass their class B CDL exams. Plus, if you’re in between jobs, keeping yourself and your family afloat, especially right now, during a pandemic, can feel nearly impossible.

American Student Transportation has worked hard over our years of operation to refine our paid training process to give our incoming employees the financial support and knowledge they need to become fully fledged bus drivers. Our hearty sign-on bonus doesn’t hurt either!

Competitive Pay

Finances are always tricky to manage, no matter how old you are or how experienced you are with it. We, as an employer, strive to make this easier for our workers, by providing frequent paychecks and fair pay. In this day and age, money can be more of a concern than ever, even for the fully-employed, and we’re doing our part to essure our workers remain comfortable and stress-free financially.

As you can see, we value our employees like few other bus companies do. Which means we’ve seen firsthand how worker treatment affects company service!

Bus Drivers Who Are Supported Do Their Jobs Better

Do you perform at your best if you feel like nobody has your back? Of course not.

Nobody likes to feel like it’s them versus the world, even bus drivers. When these drivers are placed with a supportive employer like us, they’re better able to:

●        Stay calm in the face of challenges. Everyone faces difficulties on the job, but with a company that has their back, our drivers always feel cool, confident, and collected enough to handle them. Even if it’s a problem you know how to handle, knowing you have backup available does wonders for self-confidence! The can-do attitude of our drivers, which is a direct result of the support we give them, leads to safe children and prompt service for your district. 

●        Remain positive, day in and day out. As the pandemic continues to rage, your students need a bastion of emotional support now more than ever. However, if their bus drivers are not supported themselves and are continuously stressed on the job, how will they be able to create the stabilizing bussing experience that your kids need to start the school day right?

Because our drivers are financially upheld and know their company has their back, they can better stay warm and kindly to their passengers, creating a welcoming and safe space in which your students can recuperate or ready themselves for a busy school day.

●        Stay on track and on schedule. Like we said above: nobody performs at their best when they feel as though the world is against them. With an encouraging employer like us on their sides, though, our drivers are more motivated to work hard and do their most efficient driving on the daily. Late busses? Not if we can help it!

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