Bussing is hard work—but you don’t need us to tell you that! As someone who works in school bus services, you know the effort you must put in to ensure your clients a great ride. From studying up on how to become a bus driver in the first place to keeping your class B CDL skills sharp to maintaining an always-positive attitude, there’s a ton that goes into a great group transportation employee. If you’re one of the many who busses with a smile day in and day out, take a pat on the back from American Student Transportation Services. You deserve it!

What you also deserve, though, is to glean satisfaction from your work. Though money is important when it comes to student transportation services jobs, nobody up and decides to pursue this career path strictly out of financial need—or if they do, they quickly realize all the hard work one needs to put in to be a bus driver. This, like we said, you should take pride in. You’ve worked hard to get here! But you also should feel the immense satisfaction that comes from all that hard work and a passion for the job. You’ve put far too much into this career for it to just be a daily grind.

Your employer, believe it or not, plays a huge role in how much you enjoy (or hate) your current job in student transportation services. Why else would we, as a group transportation services company ourselves, put so much time and effort into constructing a great benefits package and amazing company culture? Happy drivers also perform at their best, as we’re sure you can attest to. A good day at work makes it all the easier to keep a positive attitude and guarantee the best service to your customers. For all of these reasons, your employer in student transportation services should do their best to make your time with them well spent on multiple fronts.

Is your employer up to snuff? Don’t know how to begin to answer that question? American Student Transportation Services is here to help. We’re leading the charge in creating amazing workplaces in the student transportation services industry, so we know what a well-treated employee looks like. Below we’ll detail further what your employer should be doing to ensure your satisfaction on the job, as well as note a few red flags that could mean it’s time to call it quits.

A Harmonious Employee/Employer Relationship Is Easy to Spot

Do you wake up each day excited for work, or do you hit snooze a thousand times? Are you grumpy on the job, or are you well-known among your coworkers for being amicable and easygoing?

Though employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction in the student transportation services are multifaceted and sometimes complicated concepts, they’re as easy to spot as, well, a bright yellow bus. Like we said above, relatively few people choose to become a bus driver strictly out of financial need. They have a passion in some form for the job at hand, and that passion will shine through in the right work environment. In the wrong one, it can quickly turn into resentment. Your employer owes you the former environment.

Looking for some more specifics? Below are three signs your current employer in student transportation services is depriving you.

●        You feel like you can’t be yourself at work.

Though any good employer will value professionalism, there is a line that must be drawn. Employees should never feel so hemmed in by rules and conduct codes that they turn into someone they’re not on the clock. Ideally, your student transportation services employer should allow some form of friendly banter between drivers, but at the very least you deserve to feel as though you never need to put on a metaphorical mask.

●        You can’t get the flexibility you need.

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for anyone to have to work multiple jobs or have heavy commitments outside of their primary one. If you grant your school bus contractor ample notice, they should strive to give you the time off you need. If they couldn’t give a fig about your needs, it’s time to take a hike and find a student transportation services employer who will.

●        Your pay is horrible.

You work hard. You deserve to be paid well, or at least in an industry-competitive fashion. When it comes to MN school bus driver jobs, a sign-on bonus and paid training also never hurts, but if your employer seems to want to pinch pennies when it comes to your pay, give them the boot. You deserve better.

Experience a Wonderful Working Environment at American Student Transportation Services

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