At American Student Transportation Services, we talk quite a bit about how much we love our employees, especially on our group transportation services blog. And for good reason! Well-supported school bus drivers not only perform better, but also set students up for success.

But it’s not just our bus drivers that enable us to provide the highest-quality school bus services in the Blaine area, though they do play an enormous role. Without our flawlessly maintained school buses, there’d be no services at all!

It seems obvious, but the school bus part of “school bus services” is so often taken for granted. It’s not common – and certainly not an issue with our drivers – but some bus drivers and transportation companies treat their buses like they do their personal vehicles. In other words, they don’t really do much upkeep to the bus until something is undeniably wrong. This can result in an interruption in service, among other issues.

At American Student Transportation Services, we work hard to keep all of our vehicles in tip-top shape! We believe it’s our duty because…

We Care About the Students in Our Care

While older students might take a broken-down bus in stride, for young children, a bus quitting out of the blue can be quite frightening, to say the least. They might not quite understand why something that’s so constant suddenly can no longer work the same way it used to.

Because we care about these students and about the quality of the school day that follows, we at American Student Transportation Services work hard to keep our whole fleet sound. We want to be something kids can count on during these trying times.

We Care About Your School’s Image

Though our company is of course affected by our services, your district is likewise, especially in the form of your reputation. Discerning parents and school board members don’t stop to think that a separate contractor is responsible for school bus services – they blame your school for any issues with the bus. 

Your district’s reputation is on the line for every move your student transportation services provider makes. Because we care about the prolonging of excellent academic institutions such as yours, we keep our vehicles fit to bring you the reliable service you need.

We Care About Our Bus Drivers

How could we expect our employees to provide the quality services we expect without quality resources with which to do so? Indeed, it’s hard to remain chipper and on top of things when your vehicle is constantly throwing mechanical wrenches in the works – no pun intended.

For the sake of our team, we at American Student Transportation Services work hard to maintain our buses so that our drivers can enjoy their jobs and provide the amazing service our company is so well known for.

How We Maintain Our Buses

A bus with a clean yellow paint job and no rust or splotches seems well-maintained at first glance. However, keeping a bus looking and performing its best goes well beyond cleaning the exterior.

Unfortunately, rundown buses have become normalized in our industry, especially when it comes to internal cleanliness. It’s all too common for a school bus to show up at a student’s stop with grime-covered seats and wrappers rolling everywhere, and for that student to begrudgingly accept it. It’s also par for the course for many schools to deal with buses that break down frequently, taking valuable time out of the learning day ahead.

At American Student Transportation Services, we keep our buses clean and pristine by practicing the following:

Stringent Cleanliness Policies

There will be no tossing trash onto the ground, for one! Our drivers and your students deserve a clean place to do their jobs and ready themselves for the school day ahead or relax afterwards, respectively.

We enforce strict trash rules inside our buses, similar to what an average school might do for their classrooms, which keeps the space a clean and welcoming place for all.

Routine Maintenance

Random engine failures? Not on our watch! We keep a close eye on our fleet and care for each vehicle preemptively so that it’s as reliable as can be before hitting the road.

We strive to be punctual in our work, and that’s impossible without vehicles that are in strapping shape. We also make interior checks and repairs as needed, patching seats and making sure all safety features are in working order.

Daily Cleaning & Sanitizing

Especially with the Coronavirus pandemic still raging, we’ve had to step up our already great cleanliness game. Regardless, cleaning our busses is something we prioritize after every route. With us, you can trust your students are getting the safe and clean ride you owe them as a district.

Contact American Student Transportation Services for Quality School Bus Services

You and your students shouldn’t have to deal with filthy busses or constant mechanical failures. When you’re ready for a school bus contractor who actively works to facilitate student success, contact our Blaine office online, or give us a call now at 651-621-8900.