What drives people, out of all things, to want to drive a bus? What’s a day like for those who work in student transportation services? American Student Transportation Services, a Blaine, Minnesota, group transportation service, spills the beans below.


What Nobody tells you about School Bus Services: For the right Person, it Can be a Great Job

Some people think that bus driving can’t even qualify as a dream job—but that’s all stereotypes and nonsense. If these people were to learn how to become a bus driver, they’d know that! Being a bus driver comes with a huge amount of social, mental, and financial perks, including:


●        Great Employee Benefits. Some companies like American Student Transportation even offer sign on bonuses, paid time off and even paid training. That’s a hard thing to come by in many other industries. As a side note, our company even offers weekly paychecks!

●        Spending Time with Kids. Many bus drivers (some of our employees included) are retired school workers who still want to make a difference in children’s lives, even after their working years have passed. Driving these kids to school is a great opportunity to do this.

●        A Flexible Schedule. Most drivers have lots of time between morning and afternoon pickups. Here at American Student Transportation Services, we pride ourselves on flexibility and allow our drivers to pick when they want to work.

●        A Supportive Workplace Culture. There’s a certain kinship that forms between coworkers in any industry. American Student Transportation in particular, however, fosters this kinship with employee events and a top-notch dispatch team.


School Bus Driver Training is Extensive

It certainly isn’t straightforward to get the licensure required to be a school bus driver. It’s certainly not as straightforward as getting a regular driver’s licence.


But maybe this is for the greater good; after all, it takes special skills to drive a 20,000-pound vehicle while also supervising children. To get a full call B CDL — the licence required to drive a school bus—  a new driver must jump through many hoops and undergo a host of written tests. It all is quite extensive, and that means it can be confusing! Luckily, there exist companies like American Student Transportation Services who will help new drivers through the licencing process.


Curious about How to Become a Bus Driver? Contact American Student Transportation Services Today

When you’re ready to join a supportive company with wonderful employee benefits, look no further than American Student Transportation. If you’re a new bus driver studying for your Class B CDL, or you simply want to know about our career opportunities, contact us today at 651-621-8900.