We’ll be honest; when it comes to fulfilling jobs, we know the first thing many people think of isn’t a career in school bus services or group transportation services. Many people think about driving the exact same route day in and day out, stopping at all the same places, and never changing much of anything, so what could be so deeply satisfying?


While we agree this is the common line of thinking, we disagree with it completely because all of it is entirely false! We, American Student Transportation Services, are a bus company, after all, and we’ve seen firsthand the impact student transportation services make on both our drivers and the kids we serve. By becoming a class B CDL holder and diving headfirst into a career in school bus services, you can see how truly fulfilling this career field can be.


Why is the seemingly mundane career that is school bus driving truly one of the most rewarding job fields out there? Discover the answers below, straight from the mouth of American Student Transportation Services, a Blaine school bus contractor.

School Bus Driving and the Road to Social Fulfilment

Humans are a social species; it is theorized that we evolved this way to better keep ourselves safe from both predators and harsh environmental conditions. While most people today no longer need to be afraid of being attacked by wild animals, the need for social connection and fulfillment is still paramount to human happiness. Some psychologists go so far to say that social connection needs to happen before we can begin to achieve our fullest potential; otherwise, we’ll be stuck with anxiety.


Since our careers take up such a large part of our lives time-wise, it’s fair to seek a decent amount of social fulfillment from them. After all, sitting by yourself in a cubicle all day long can’t possibly be good for long-term wellbeing! A career in school bus services provides plenty of opportunities to forge connections with others, and it’s a truly social job.


How so?


●        Bus drivers connect daily with the children in their care | While these relationships won’t be close, intimate friendships, they still create a sense of belonging to a community for you as a bus driver. Greeting children every morning and shepherding them to school gives you and other drivers both a purpose and a feeling of belonging to a community, garnered by the care you provide. In plainer terms, taking care of kids is more socially fulfilling than any old desk job.

●        Certain companies will foster a tight, supportive social climate among drivers themselves | While this isn’t something all bus companies strive for, it is at American Student Transportation Services. We plan social events just for our drivers, from year-end parties to barbecues. No matter who you are, when you join American Student Transportation Services, you’ll be welcomed with open arms into our dedicated, tight-knit team. We want your coworkers to feel like family.

●        Being supported by your employer can lead to social fulfillment | Relationships are reciprocal; that’s just common sense. Any relationship that doesn’t involve giving from both sides is likely to lead to one party feeling taken advantage of. At American Student Transportation Services, we believe our wonderful drivers should get just as much out of their job as we get from working with them. That’s why we offer phenomenal benefits, competitive pay, and paid time off. From our GPS-equipped buses to our efficient, supportive dispatch system, our family-owned company works hard to take care of our drivers. In fact, we’ll even roll out the welcome wagon by paying new drivers to train with us for their class B CDLs.


As you can see, something as “simple” as driving a bus actually creates countless opportunities for social fulfillment. Everything from the children our drivers take care of to a warm and supportive company can make drivers feel like they belong. But what about the economic side of things?

The Economy and Bus Driving Jobs

We all know that money can’t buy happiness. However, making enough to live on is crucial to a fulfilling life. After all, poverty and contentedness can’t coexist!


A bus driving job with American Student Transportation gives you plenty of opportunities to fulfill yourself economically, whether your goals are to make good money or to get by. We offer weekly paychecks, which means budgeting day-to-day is easy. We also can give up to a $1,750 sign-on bonus. Add all that to a flexible schedule, and working with us is the perfect opportunity to find fulfillment in the economic sense—whatever that may mean for you.

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