Maple Grove

Hire a Bus Service to Explore Maple Grove!

Known for its high income levels and fancy landscaping, Maple Grove, Minnesota is the perfect place to shop, dine, and play. And learn, too, if you’re looking for field trip opportunities! Just remember to hire a charter bus service or rent out your school busses early if you need.

What’s There to Do in Maple Grove?

  • Shopping is a favorite activity of many Maple Grove residents. The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove boasts a variety of name-brand stores and boutiques, as well as one of the only Barnes and Noble stores in the area. A charter bus can help you experience everything this expansive city has to offer.
  • Dining here tends to be upscale and pricey, but it’s perfect for splurging. Consider treating your employees, wedding, or religious group to a nice steak dinner in the area. Just remember, if there’s alcohol involved, it’s best to have a built-in designated driver.
  • Playing is no small thing in this city. Elm Creek Park has an expansive winter recreation area, as well as many learning opportunities for children. Escape room games have also made an appearance in Maple Grove; they’re the ultimate bonding experience for small groups. Numerous arcades and go-kart facilities also populate the Maple Grove area.
  • Learning. Maple Grove hosts many parks—and physical education is a big part of any kid’s learning experience. Many of these parks even offer discounted rates for religious groups and other field trip excursions! A charter bus is an efficient way to get a large group of sometimes rambunctious kids from Point A to Point B. It becomes even more efficient when our experienced drivers enter the mix.

What can a Charter Bus Do for your Maple Grove Excursion?

Most people think of trains, planes, or ride-sharing apps when they think of group transportation; charter bus services aren’t very high on that list. But a charter bus from American Student Transportation is one of the best ways to experience everything that an individual city has to offer.

How do our charter bus services in Maple Grove do it better than planes or trains?

  • Charter bus services eliminate the “getting lost” aspect that comes with many trips. Inherently, planes and trains are fixed in their routes; that is, they will only travel to a single location that often isn’t exactly where you want to go. After all, most people don’t vacation at the airport! Passengers are forced to rent a car and wander around their city of choice, hopelessly lost and never enjoying much of anything. With a charter bus from American Student Transportation, however, you’ll get exactly where you need to go—on time, each time.
  • Charter bus services are personable. When was the last time a train conductor or pilot came by your seat to say hello? Other forms of public transportation can feel quite isolating. At American Student Transportation, however, we place a huge emphasis on kindly, understanding, and above all, personable, service. You’ll feel welcomed with us. It’s the least we can do if you’re exploring an unfamiliar city!
  • Charter bus services are reliable. Our amazing dispatch team supports our drivers through thick and thin, meaning you can rest easy. Even if something does go wrong, our drivers are equipped with the support system and the experience to put things back on track.

If you need bus services in Maple Grove or any of the surrounding areas, contact us today at 763-425-2542. Our drivers will happily take you anywhere around the Maple Grove or Twin Cities area—and we’d be more than glad to bus your kids to school each day, if that’s what’s needed.