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Charter Bus Services in Blaine

When you think of getting a large group of people somewhere quick, you usually think of an airplane or a train. However, the humble carter bus also has its perks! Countless people, from religious groups to companies to summer camps is discovering how using a charter bus as a group transportation service can bring people closer together, as well as reduce stress for everyone involved.

Just how, exactly, does one single group transportation service do this? Allow us, American Student Transportation, to enlighten you. We’re a third-generation Blaine bus company that also specializes in school bus rental. Over the years, we’ve seen just how much group transportation services influence the people served.

The Benefits of Hiring a Charter Bus as a Group Transportation Service

Social Bonding Time

Have you ever taken a long road trip by yourself? Sure, the solitude of the highway might feel soothing for a while, but even the most introverted person can only be alone for so long before they go insane—or just get terribly bored. Group transportation services easily remedy this problem so that your event’s attendees don’t arrive in dour moods.

Even if the event’s attendees are only acquaintances, hiring group transportation services can be a great way for them to bond. Summer camp attendees can get a head start on finding that one buddy who they’ll fight to share a cabin with; religious retreats can get to know new members of the congregation; coworkers on a corporate retreat can discover who their peers are outside of their day jobs.

Sure, this type of socializing is the whole purpose of the event you’re holding; it also happens after attendees have arrived. That said, isn’t the journey a part of what makes the destination so great? Group transportation services and school bus rentals set your event’s attendees up for a weekend of bonding in a way that solo transportation can’t.

Stress Relief

We all know the anxiety that comes with being lost. Smartphones and GPS systems can only do so much to mitigate human error; a solo driver can easily make a wrong turn and waste precious time—time they would otherwise spend at your event—fretting and getting back on track. This is especially true of young, inexperienced drivers, some of which who may not have even taken to the highway before.

When you hire American Student Transportation, you ensure that your attendees all reach the meeting point safe and sound. There’s no need to stress over somebody missing out, or about the safety of your young drivers. Moreover, hiring our team gets you service from experienced, well-supported drivers unlike any other; transportation to your event will go off without a hitch.

Saving Time

Because our buses are equipped with GPS systems, they can help us plan out the quickest route to take to an unfamiliar location. Our drivers are adept at using this technology, which guarantees a quick arrival to your destination. If we can get you there earlier, even better! Furthermore, our drivers are experienced at handling road hazards, such as inclement weather and traffic, which can pose serious problems for the members of your group. Let the professionals handle your trip and save travel time while doing it.

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Three generations spent in this industry means that we know what we’re doing, and that we know how to bring you reliable, friendly school bus rental or group transportation services. To discover more about what our group transportation services can do for your religious group, summer camp, or corporate retreat, check out the relevant pages or give us a call today at 651-621-8900.