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Summer Camp Transportation Around Blaine, MN

When you were young, you probably didn’t think much of the buses that ferried you and your friends to camp. They probably were just places where the counselors made you sing songs in a thinly-veiled attempt to keep you occupied. However, if you now staff a summer camp, you understand that these bus services are anything but unimportant. You know that hiring a bus service entails putting your camp’s name on the line. Poor quality transportation services reflect on not only the services themselves, but also your camp as a whole. One bad experience can tank your income for years to come, as well as spoil that year’s adventures for the kids.

Hiring a poor-quality charter bus service is just too big a risk. That’s why you should play it safe and hire American Student Transportation of Blaine, MN for all your charter bus needs.

Why American Student?

We’ve been in the business for three whole generations; that means we’re reliable and trustworthy, with an emphasis on the safety of our passengers. Many of our drivers, above having worked with our company for years, also have previous experience working with kids. Cheerful, child-friendly service is a given! Moreover, our drivers are well-supported, with great benefits and an extensive training program that coaches them through the nuances of school bus driving. They’re content in their work, and this only rubs off on the campers in their care.

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