Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Read on to discover what it’s like to work for one of the best bus companies around.

“I enjoy working with people, driving bus and serving kids and others. It is great to be part of a large TEAM, helping with a worthwhile cause. In my nearly 4 years with A.S.T., I have made many FRIENDS and enjoy the camaraderie!”

Scott W.

“I’ve felt supported from everyone. The boss & his staff, the dispatches are phenomenal! Drivers and Aids are caring & helpful to me. Also the Mechanics push to keep everyone moving and are all very nice.”

Diana R.

“Nice people, flex schedule, upgrade on the facilities.”


“The employees, especially between the men & the women, can banter with each other and not have to worry too much about offending each other or being politically correct. It’s not a “corporate” atmosphere here. It’s somewhat of a “family” atmosphere here. This lowers stress.”

Nicolas A.

“I love driving & the kids are pretty fun too.
Work days go by fast. All the vacation days :)”

Angie K.

“Management and staff are amazing to work with. Serving the Mounds View district and making sure students are transported safely is why I like to work here.”

Chris T.

“Office people are professional & friendly. I’ve never had any trouble...”

Sara H.

“Flexible schedule, family friendly.”

Charity N.

“I like the flexible hours.
I like the people; it's like a big family.
I like that staff thank us and appreciate the job we do. I like that you let parents bring their children.”

Linda H.

“I love the kids and my fellow workers and love to watch the kids grow up.”

Ralph R.