Class B CDL Training in Blaine, Minnesota

Do you want to be paid to learn how to drive a school bus? Who doesn’t? If you take a job with American Student Transportation, we will pay for the school bus driving training you need to succeed, both as a driver and in getting the Class B CDL to do it. Our behind-the-wheel instructions teach new bus drivers how to respect other vehicles on the road and to drive defensively.

Do You Even Need School Bus Driver Training to Get Your Class B CDL?

Legally, no. The only requirement to get your Class B CDL is that you hold a CLP (commercial learner’s permit) for at least fourteen days. However, the Minnesota DVS highly recommends taking a Class B CDL course—and also lots of practice behind the wheel.

Who can argue with that? Everybody knows that driving a bus is way different from driving a car; that’s why there’s special licensure required to do it. Sure, the controls might look similar, but the driving experience in itself is incredibly different. Things as simple as parking and turning become whole different ball games when you’re driving something as cumbersome as a bus.

Furthermore, in order to get a full Class B CDL, an additional written test and a demonstration of applicable road skills is required. You’ll need to know everything from basic driving procedures to dealing with passengers in case of an emergency. Seeing as the law forbids CLP holders from driving their vehicle without a CDL-holder accompanying them, getting practice in is difficult without official school bus driver training.

Moreover, American Student Transportation will pay for your training if you accept employment with us. You’ll get paid to learn from industry professionals and have a steady job at the end of it. Who wouldn’t want to get school bus driver training?

Our School Bus Driver Training Program Covers

  • Regulations that will be on a CDL exam. School bus driver training does involve a lot of memorization. Luckily, we’ll help you through the process.
  • How to manage passengers in case of emergency. This gives a driver confidence on the road, as well as ensures a safe trip for everybody involved.
  • Proper safety protocol to enforce among your passengers. Passengers need to make just as large of a commitment to safety as the driver does. With American Student Transportation, you’ll learn how to calmly, yet firmly, enforce discipline.
  • Driving in inclement weather. Anything from extreme heat to summer storms can affect how your bus handles. We’ll cover it all with you.
  • Understanding how weight load affects your school bus’s handling. More passengers toward the front or back will also change how your bus maneuvers, so you must learn to adjust your driving to compensate.
  • How to mind your blind spots. These are much more numerous on large vehicles than on small cars. We’ll teach you how to best use your mirrors and defensive driving tactics to compensate.
  • General road skills. Anything else you’ll need to pass your Class B CDL road test!

Come Learn with Us!

American student prides itself on gentle, supportive, and understanding coaching. That attitude doesn’t change when you become a full-fledged Class B CDL holder; our tight-knit community of drivers will welcome you with open arms. If you have further questions about our training program, give us a call today at 651-621-8900.