Field Trips

School Field Trip Bus Rental Services

Who can forget a school field trip? As a kid, those days are full of the excitement of learning new things outside of that same old classroom space. Often, field trips are integral to education, as they tend to be more hands-on and novel than textbook-style learning, meaning kids are better able to grasp key concepts.

Yes, field trips have so many benefits. However, they come with a fair share of difficulties, too. How, for example, is a school administration to shepherd a whole grade of excitable children to a new place? It takes a lot of buses—which your current transportation service might not be able to provide—and a unique type of bus driver.

You know you can’t just hire anyone for your school field trip bus rental; that’s why you should hire American Student Transportation. We’ve been in the school field trip bus rental industry for three generations now. We’d be privileged to play a role in your school’s next hands-on learning experience.

The American Student Difference.

  • We’re friendly
    Unlike larger bus companies, our family-owned field trip bus rental services treat our customers like family. Our drivers are often retired school administrators who love kids and still want to spend time with them, even after their careers are over.
  • Our drivers are happy
    We offer weekly paychecks, paid training, and great benefits, including a sign-on bonus! We also host numerous employee events, from barbeques to holiday parties. Furthermore, each of our buses is equipped with a GPS that allows us to support our drivers on the road. We take care of our staff, and this caretaking attitude rubs off on how our staff treat your students.
  • Our service comes from experience
    Aside from being well-supported by a three-generations-old company, many of our drivers have been with us for decades. They’ve truly seen it all. And, because many are retired education workers themselves, they not only love kids but know how to manage them. Our extensive training also gives newer drivers heaps of experience before they even hit the road.
  • We’re reliable
    We’ve been around for decades; would spotty service have enabled us to create such a lasting legacy? School districts have trusted us for years with their school field trip bus rental services—and, of course, their other student transportation needs, too.
  • We’re safe
    Our tight-knit dispatch team and GPS-equipped buses allow us to mitigate human error and keep your students safe. Plus, our drivers all carry the proper licensure (which isn’t easy to get) and have often undergone extensive safety training from American Student Transportation—industry professionals for three generations.

Hire Us for your Next School Field Trip Bus Rental

School field trip bus rental isn’t something you or your school district should take lightly. All the unknowns—the skillset of the drivers and the road conditions—are just too great to skim over. Make the safe, reliable choice and contact American Student of Blaine for all your school field trip bus rental needs. Request a bus today or call us at 651-621-8900.