If you’re currently looking for employment in school bus services, you’ve probably spent a fair deal of time researching different companies to work for. At American Student Transportation Services, we commend you! Researching is quite the daunting task, especially if you’re currently unemployed and dealing with that stress, or you are learning how to become a bus driver and trying to navigate a job search in a new industry.

As commendable as researching is, we also understand it can be extremely frustrating. Every company you stumble across totes itself as “the best,” which leaves you, as a jobseeker, to discern between a plethora of seemingly identical opportunities. When all school bus contractors display themselves as a phenomenal place to work, how do you know which ones will deliver on that promise?

Simple: You look for evidence. American Student Transportation Services, a Blaine provider of group transportation services and student transportation services, explains what that means below.

What Does Detective Work Have to Do with Job Searching?

Everyone has heard the old adage “actions speak louder than words.” Essentially, it means that what someone is doing is more impactful and meaningful than what they’re saying. When applied to the realm of job searching, the cliche still holds true. It means what a company offers its employees and how that company’s work culture behaves in action is more important than any claim it can make about itself. For example, if a firm says it offers a “supportive workplace culture,” it better be able to back that up with examples of this, like planning employee events or constantly being on call to help its workers with whatever they need.

When you’re looking for a job in any industry, but especially in school bus services, you’re searching for a company whose actions speak to the words they advertise. In other words, you must look for concrete evidence that the company behaves in the way it says it does. The keyword here is “concrete.” The company cannot simply say that it is supportive and list a bunch of future things it plans to do to support its workers. It must currently be doing the things it says it is doing.

Any claims a firm makes that are not supported by action are a sign of disorganization at best and dishonest at worst. They can suggest that the company either is not fully on board with its own mission statement or that it is trying to lure you in and take advantage of your skillset.

Therefore, your job searching must involve gathering information about concrete actions the company is doing—not what the company says it is like—and forming your opinions about your possible future workplace based on evidence, not on claims.

Where Does American Student Transportation Services Stand?

To summarize the preceding paragraphs, when looking for a job in school bus services, you want an employer that is forthright and honest about what it’s like to work for them. You can determine this by assessing concrete evidence about how the company operates, such as what benefits it offers or the pay rate, and using these to figure out what it’s really like to work for that company. Lip service only goes so far!

We at American Student Transportation services know we’re an amazing place to work, hands down. As we said earlier, though, any employer must be able to back up such a claim. We can.


●        We offer amazing financial benefits | Our company offers up to forty hours of paid time off every school year. Pay is weekly, which makes budgeting simple, and our pay is competitive with the industry standard. Finally, we’ll give you up to a $1,750 sign-on bonus to come to drive for us.

●        We care about our workers | When we say we have a supportive workplace culture, we can fully support our claims. Our year-end barbecues, lunches, highway cleanup parties, and holiday bashes help all our employees feel supported and taken care of. Moreover, each and every bus we own is equipped with a GPS system, which ensures our workers are supported whenever they may find themselves in a bind.

●        We are one of the most flexible employers around | No matter your schedule or the training level you require, we’d love to have you come drive for us. We offer paid training should you choose us as your employer, and we will help you get your class B CDL. Moreover, we’re happy to work out a schedule that works for you, even if it might not be the same every week.

Seeking an Employer that Cares? You’ve Found One!

As fully demonstrated above, at American Student Transportation Services, we prioritize our workers’ satisfaction and support. Come drive for us and experience what it’s like for your unique skill set to be valued. Our Blaine Terminal is reachable at 651-621-8900.