As springtime rolls around, school field trips become common. After all, April and May have the benefits of warm weather, and there’s nothing like harnessing the energy that weather brings and transforming it into a scintillating educational experience. Plus, May field trips allow students to finish out the year strong and give them something to look forward to during what can sometimes be grueling spring standardized testing and finals. It’s never been a better time to set those field trip plans in motion!

American Student Transportation is here to help. As a school bus contractor and provider of group transportation services, we’d be privileged to join your district in creating an exciting, novel field trip environment for the students in your care. With our top-notch student transportation services, we can add that certain special something that makes this year's spring field trip one your students will remember for years.

Transportation plays a bigger role in your pupils’ field trip experience than you might think. For one, arriving at your field trip location on time and safely is absolutely crucial to ensuring that all of your students feel included, especially when it comes to younger children. Seeing as field trips are arguably supposed to be a unifying experience for the student body, it’s imperative that you invest in a quality school field trip bus rental. Arriving on time also demonstrates courtesy to your field trips’ hosts, who no doubt have a schedule to adhere to. Aside from being good etiquette, this also allows your district to begin to build a positive relationship with these people, which in turn can make it possible for you to return in future years. Punctuality demonstrates a healthy respect for those you work with.

Have you thought about your school’s transportation needs when it comes to your field trip? We recommend setting services up as soon as possible, as spring can be a busy field trip season. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a transportation company, though, we at American Student Transportation would like to suggest our services. Our standout way of caring for our clientele and our extensive experience makes us not only an ideal fit as a school bus contractor for day-to-day use, but also for field trips as well.

Below, we’ll go into our business philosophy and how it can put the metaphorical icing on the cake when it comes to an amazing field trip experience. Buckle your seatbelts, and let’s dive in!

Our Drivers are Experienced and Caring

As a provider of student transportation services, we know that there are two crucial factors that make an ideal bus company for field trips: a caring attitude and experience. A caring attitude, of course, is essential when dealing with children of any age, but it is especially so in the context of field trips. These trips are educational, but they’re also supposed to be fun, and a grumpy bus driver can easily put a damper on the mood. Experience is also a necessary quality to seek in your provider of school field trip bus rental, but two types are often needed. An ideal provider will both have well-trained drivers in the technical sense, of course, but those drivers must also be skilled in managing large groups of kids—even when those kids get rowdy in their excitement for the field trip.

American Student Transportation of Blaine is proud to say that our bus company possesses all of those qualities plus more.

●        Our drivers are the friendliest around, full stop | Aside from hiring only those whom we deem characteristically equipped for the job, we support our drivers with great pay, a healthy amount of benefits, and a warm, tight-knit company culture. We know that contentment in one’s job cannot be forced, so we make it our priority to give our drivers the resources they need to not only perform well but to enjoy doing so. Our employees’ cheerful attitudes are contagious!

●        Through our training program, we make sure all our employees have the knowledge needed to get their class B CDL | For those who come to us without their class B CDL, which is the license required to drive a school bus, we offer paid training programs designed to get these people on the road. With our support, our new drivers can start work with all the experience they need to drive your students where they need to be—efficiently, mindfully, and safely.

●        Many of our drivers have previous experience working with kids | In addition to the drivers we help through the class B CDL process, we also employ many former school employees who wanted a new way to make a difference in children’s lives after they left their previous careers. They’ve been managing children for years. When you employ American Student Transportation, you’ll be reaping the benefits of this extensive experience.

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