If you’re looking for a job, but are in no real hurry, you’re probably taking your time exploring your options and investigating which career field might make you feel most at home. Do you want to work on your caring side with a specialized retail position? Perhaps you’re looking to lead a team and become a manager, bringing home the bank while exploring the part of you that always knew you could lead. Maybe you’re looking to go back to school, buffing up on old skills while expanding your worldview.

You might find, though, that few jobs and opportunities provide the opportunity to do all three of these. For example, a cashier job might not require too much technical knowledge, but it sure brings you the type of satisfaction only serving customers can. A managerial position might expand your worldview slightly and require more technical knowledge (depending on the job), but you won’t get to see as many new perspectives as you would if you’re a cashier, who constantly interacts with customers while doing their work. Finally, going back to school might let you walk in others’ shoes and explore new ideologies, but it certainly is on the pricey side—the exact opposite of making the money a cashier or manager would!

If you want it all when it comes to a career field, you might be left feeling a bit downtrodden at the moment, especially with employment opportunities being so few and far between in this day and age. American Student Transportation would like to extend our deepest understanding and sympathies. Making ends meet while finding your path in life is challenging for anyone, but it gets even harder in the middle of a pandemic!

Rest assured, though, that your search for the perfect job is now over.

Learn How to Become a Bus Driver Now

Though becoming a bus driver isn’t the first thing on many people’s minds when they think of the ideal job, it truly is an underappreciated career field, one with countless opportunities for advancement, career satisfaction, and finding one’s place in the community and world at large. It allows you to do all of the things we mentioned above: make good money, learn new skills, explore others’ perspectives, strengthen your leadership abilities, and discover the fulfillment of serving customers. Working in school bus services or group transportation services tests you and brings you fulfillment in a wide variety of ways, making it an amazing career choice for nearly anyone.

●        Get your Class B CDL and learn how to operate a school bus | To ensure the safety of your cargo and other drivers on the road, you’ll have to take both written and road tests in order to obtain the license needed to drive a school bus. Studying for the test and practicing with the old hands at American Student Transportation Services gives you countless opportunities to stretch, not your book-smarts but also your street-smarts—and we mean that last part literally! We’ll take you on the roads and teach you everything you need to know to pass your Class B CDL test with flying colors.

●        Encounter new perspectives with varied passenger groups and a supportive work culture | Though you probably won’t be talking to your passengers constantly, you might be able to exchange words with them as they board and leave the bus. Who knows what fascinating people you’ll run into as you chauffeur to religious retreats, group outings, and more. If you work in student transportation services, you’ll also be able to provide a steady and caring presence for many students and perhaps remember the joy of your own childhood from a new angle.

●        Learn how to take charge | As someone who works in group transportation services, you will be the expert in all things road-related. Should you ever encounter a difficulty on the clock (and all jobs have these), you’ll be defaulted to as the authority, whether you like it or not. Rest assured, though, that we at American Student Transportation Services will provide you with all the skills you need to become a great leader.

●        Make great money when you work for us | We offer a sign-on bonus, paid time off,  industry-competitive wages, and even paid training, but this isn’t true of all school bus contractors. Become an employee of American Student Transportation Services and embrace all the financial possibilities.

●        Feel valued yourself as you provide a valued service | Especially when it comes to school bus services, other industries could not operate without your help. People’s days could not go on without your help. You’ll provide a crucial service for huge amounts of customers, and you’ll experience the deep sense of pride that comes with it.

Come Work for American Student Transportation Services Now

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