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Party Bus Services in Blaine, Minnesota

Got a wedding coming up? How about a graduation party? A school dance? A religious retreat? What about a field trip? Transport your large group in style with a party bus from American Student Transportation. Contrary to our name, we do more than simply drive kids to school; we also provide charter bus services for various needs outside of that.

We call these vehicles party buses, and for good reason. They carry parties of up to 25 people, and they take any social gathering or other trip from good to great. Plus, the party can keep on rolling while you ride!

Why Pay for a Party Bus?

  • Social Camaraderie. Keeping the whole party together fosters a social bond that few other types of group transportation services can. Driving alone in one’s car does, after all, tend to get quite lonely, and it can quickly dampen a rowdy, festive mood.
  • An automatic designated driver. If alcohol is going to be present at your event—say, at a wedding reception—a designated driver is a must for your own safety. However, the multiple designated drivers that are needed when everyone takes their cars prevents some of your guests from enjoying the event to its fullest. With a party bus, everyone can enjoy the festivities while also staying safe and responsible.
  • Less stress. When everyone takes the same vehicle, there’s no danger of anyone getting lost, nor of somebody missing out on the fun because of it.
  • More party time. Keeping the group together means that the party doesn’t have to be put on pause when you change locations.
  • Transportation in style and efficiency. Our sleek black buses emanate an air of luxury—just like a limo! Plus, they can transport tons more people.
  • Do the environment a favor. Reducing your carbon is easy with group transportation services. After all, one bus uses less gas than the many cars your party would otherwise use to get to the event.

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