School Bus Services

School Bus Services in Blaine, Minnesota

The youth are the future; few people are unaware of this. What people are unaware of, however, is how much of an impact quality school bus services make on this future. Think about it: have you ever thought of school bus services on the same life-impacting level as education services or extracurriculars?

At American Student Transportation, we’re well aware of how great school bus services change children’s lives. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality service to our clientele in Blaine, Minnesota.

Defining High-Quality School Bus Services

“Quality” can be a vague term; many businesses across various industries claim to provide it. What does quality mean when it comes to school bus services?

Quality is Reliability.

School bus services are an essential part of getting kids the education they need to flourish; for many students, they make attending school not only convenient, but possible. Frozen Minnesota winters and unsafe urban environments mean that an unreliable school bus service puts children in danger. What separates a low-quality school bus service from a high-quality one like American Student Transportation is an understanding of this: their own importance, and thus the importance of reliability.

Quality is Safety.

High-quality school bus services like American Student Transportation always emphasize safe driving skills. As anyone who has driven city streets knows all too well, the roads are dangerous and accessibility to them frequently fluctuates with construction. Bus drivers must have the skill set available to make safe driving decisions, regardless of weather conditions or route changes. Quality school bus services, therefore, will teach their drivers how to maintain safety protocol, no matter how sticky the situation gets.

Quality is Friendliness.

Children see a lot of their bus drivers. Depending on the route, traffic situations, and other factors, some can spend as much time in the presence of their bus driver as they do their teachers! Therefore, school bus services have a huge influence over the moods of the children they drive, as well as how said students feel about their general school experience. Happy drivers mean happy kids, which leads to a better performance in the classroom.

Why Choose American Student Transportation?

Our company has been around for generations. We have decades of experience providing high-quality school bus services and have taken numerous steps to keep it up.

  • All of our busses have cameras and GPS systems. Your district can trust that we’ll keep your students safe. Cameras help us to maintain order among students, and GPS systems let us know where our busses are at all times.
  • Our Drivers are happy with their jobs, and this rubs off on how they treat the kids in their care. American Student Transportation offers competitive and weekly paychecks, a supportive company culture, and amazing scheduling flexibility.
  • Our company is family-owned. We treat our clients and our drivers like people, not like economic opportunities. You won’t find this attitude in any larger corporation.

We’re a Great Fit for your District

American Student Transportation of Blaine is eager to get to know your district, whether it’s a public school or charter. To discover what our quality school bus services can do for you and your students, contact us today at 651-621-8900.