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Student Transportation Services in Blaine, MN

Most people think it’s easy to drive a school bus—the same route every day, the same vehicle, and the same kids. However, these people have clearly never driven a school bus! While working for a student transportation service is by no means impossible, being a school bus driver requires a unique skill set that isn’t readily available in many people; it must be trained in, internalized, and learned.

It’s for this reason that you must be careful which student transportation service you hire. The company must understand how rare good school bus drivers are, and it also must understand why the service it provides is so crucial to the future of children everywhere.

At American Student Transportation, we fully understand the impact student transportation services have on kids. Below, we break down that impact.

Why Great Student Transportation Services Matter

  1. Students Spend a Lot of Time with their Drivers
    Variations in traffic and speed aside, some kids ride the bus for almost an hour each day. That can add up to around five hours a week! For many students, this hour-long bus ride is non negotiable; they either live too far away from their schools to walk, or their parents have deemed going to school on foot too dangerous. If simply riding the bus is a requirement that takes up that much time in these students’ days, they deserve that time to be calm, sanitary, reliable, and safe. We at American Student Transportation take great pride in maintaining these aspects; you’re unlikely to find such a commitment to quality in any other company.
  2. Quality Education Needs Quality Transportation Services
    If your students can’t get to school on time, or even at all, they’re not receiving the education they deserve. This, obviously will reflect in their test scores. Unsafe and unreliable student transportation services are just too big a compromise to swing for any school district. Play it safe and go with American Student Transportation.
  3. Your Teachers Deserve Regular Student Attendance
    In albeit a roundabout way, your student transportation services are what enables your administrative staff and teachers to do their jobs. If there aren’t any students, there’s no management to be done, no questions to answer, no lesson plans to carry out. Quality school bus services like American Student Transportation allow your teachers to work hard and stay happy in their jobs.

American Student Transportation of Blaine Provides Quality Student Transportation Services

Our company is family-owned, and unlike larger corporations, we see our clients as people, not as economic opportunities. We’ve been around for three generations; if we weren’t great, we wouldn’t still be here.

We are personable and supportive both to our clientele and to our drivers. Those who can drive school buses well are rarities; we thus work hard to let our drivers know that they’re appreciated. And, of course, happy drivers mean happy kids, which means better test scores for your district.

If you’re ready to invest in your students’ success, contact American Student Transportation of Blaine for the highest quality school bus services around. Call us today at 651-621-8900, or use the online form on our contact page. Someone will be in touch shortly!